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Our Queen is now the oldest Monarch in the history of Great Britain. As part of the Queen’s 90th birthday it would be an idea for something a little out of the ordinary to commemorate the event.

For over 100 years there have been Coronation Medals and Jubilee Medals to those who have served King, Queen & Country. Maybe in the next few months there is room to have a new medal to commemorate the Queen’s 90th birthday, and make the eligibility of this award for those, of all professions and voluntary services who have SERVED IN HARM’S WAY.

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That is the purpose of this website and the directly linked petition, hosted at 38 Degrees to let potential signatories know a little bit about the who, why and wherefore of what they are being asked to support. Including some personal background. In order for petitions to be transparent, fair and have bona fides, the 38 Degrees petition hosting site recommend adding as much detail as possible for signatories to study. Personal details – private, possibly boring? Not too comfortable with that, but here goes. I’ll keep it as straightforward as possible. Though what comes later, especially the World War II Normandy Beach D-Day medal eligibility information later in this presentation gets quite interesting. Not to say very humbling.

So why has this petition come about? Well HM Queen Elizabeth is commencing a very special year the day after her 90th birthday on 21st April 2016 and the subscribers of this website believe it is an occasion to invoke some form of exceptional commemoration. This petition, in a very small way, hopes to add to to many such elements in what is most likely to be a milestone year of the Monarch’s lifetime.

As to the specific nature of this petition? It started when I wrote to the local fire chief to ask if a fire-fighter could be considered for a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal

An Earlier Award: HM Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee Medal of 2012

The reason? I became disabled many years ago following a work related injury and subsequent spinal surgery. The fire-fighter in question voluntarily visits my home once or twice a week just to make sure all is well. Half in jest I said “you deserve a medal”. His reply was, like so many emergency service personnel, was the near-perfect response:-

“I don’t do it for medals”

Whilst such a way to say a heartfelt thank you was not within my gift, I thought the least that should happen is I write a polite letter to the fire chief to delicately enquire if the eligibility requirements for a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal might have been fulfilled by my friend.

QEM QE90 Chief Fire Officer Alasdair Hay

Fire Chief Alasdair Hay

I knew that my friend had served the required amount of fire service duty over many years in order to qualify for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. It was a bit embarrassing as a few weeks later my friend telephoned me to ask why his boss was asking him questions regarding a letter of praise to the fire chief, and what was the mention of a medal to do with things! I had been caught out red handed, and red faced with a plan to say thank you to someone for caring about a fellow human being.

Long story short, a very nice letter came back from Fire Chief Alasdair Hay. Also several telephone calls from fire officers of various ranks which were appreciative of the positive remarks in the letter. Unfortunately, NO Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal was awarded to the exceptional young fire-fighter for his random acts of human kindness.

However, something appeared far from fair in what in the process of the Diamond Jubilee Medal award process. The advice from one source was the fire service had run out of their allocation of medals. For fire-fighters – and many other emergency workers – not to receive a well deserved medal because there weren’t enough to go around surely wasn’t right – was it? This is something we can remedy as proposed later in this website, should the Queen assent to a new award being created in commemoration of attaing the landmark 90th birthday.

Another person advised that my friend was both a “wholetime” and separate “retained” fire-fighter. The cumulative time for both vocational services couldn’t be added together. Alternatively, there was a break in service [due to a change of fire service employer] which precluded an award. None of these explanations seemed right or fair.

Not one to give up so easily I studied the process to see what was fact and what was hearsay. Then a distressing thing came up regarding the Armed Forces. Almost a dozen petitions ranging from 500 people taking the time to sign, right up to a staggering …


…unhappy, petition signing supporters of veterans…

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Plus many other petitions relating to eligibility and availability issues surrounding the earlier 2012 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Rather than try to fix something that, on balance, did far more good than the evident hiccups within the award process having the opposite effect – it behoves those of us who have witnessed first hand acts of decency, courage and bravery to put some ink on paper.

It seems far better to make an effort and propose a new idea that as an ancillary benefit, remedies past concerns.

Also adding something for a suitable positive Monarchical future legacy. Starting with a brand new “Queen Elizabeth Medal” with a unique purpose being established in the anniversary period 2015/2016 to both commemorate the Sovereign’s 90th year, and award a modest recognition to those eligible for having SERVED IN HARM’S WAY.

Whilst the timing sits right on the page – being the Queen’s 90th year, there is also highly moving and truly unique precedent set by the Queen…

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