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In petitioning to establish a new Queen Elizabeth Medal in commemoration of the Sovereign’s 90th year, to be awarded to those who have Served In Harm’s Way it is necessary to support this case. Of material importance for new awards is PRECEDENT.

From experience with other petitions, the subscribers to this website have learnt that good and positive results can come from public petitions. In the past, relatively small numbers of signatories: 3,323 people – have helped bring about the creation of dozens of new jobs, economic improvement and benefits to local communities. That petition: [Click Here]. That result: [Click Here] shows how petitions can result in positive and meaningful outcomes.

Although the paragraph immediately above is a completely different issue, the learning experience from that successful petition translates well to this Queen Elizabeth Medal petition. Two key factors rank in importance:-

1] A Decent Turnout of Signatories. We hope you will sign our QE90 Served In Harm’s Way medal petition [Click Here].

There have already been 31,331 people signing a petition on a very similar medal issue [Click Here]. So we have a fair number of people who have demonstrated they care enough about these things to sign petitions in the tens of thousands.

2] Research and Material Submissions. A reasoned case to present to the powers that be. Whether on a direct basis with the government minister concerned for preparing statutory instrument/legislation for Royal Assent; or Public Petitions Committee presentation. Possibly in this case, if our QE90 – Service In Harm’s Way medal petition exceeds 100,000 signatures, then it is eligible to be debated in the House of Commons.

Therefore this website has been researched and prepared to answer some of the questions that may be raised by ministers, and of concern to the Monarch should the matter progress that far. This leads us to PRECEDENT:

One of the most precious awards to be created in the past few years is the truly unique Elizabeth Cross:-

 Elizabeth Cross SPVA - MoD The Elizabeth Cross (c) SPVA/MoD

Citation: Established 1st July 2009. Granted to the next of kin of servicemen and women who died during operations or were killed as the result of terrorist action since the Second World War.

Nothing, but nothing can fully assuage the premature loss of a loved one. But these things, when properly acknowledged with an act of dignity such as this new award, the Elizabeth Cross helps many relatives in a kind and decent way.

This new award represents a recognition of loss to family by a grateful nation from the highest level. The Monarch.

Whilst the purpose of this website and associated petition is for a substantially different medal, the fact that someone within government and state have gone to such extraordinary lengths to recommend to the Queen that a unique and unprecedented award in the form of the Elizabeth Cross be created shows that compassion and creativity has a place within the establishment of new and unique dignities.

Therefore we would commend the Elizabeth Cross as the best possible precedent to prove that new awards are possible. In fact they can do an incredible amount of good.

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