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Paying Respects – March Past

 AAA Cenotaph Respects - Sgt Dan Hamer RLC

At The Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday (c) Sgt Dan Hamer

When reading various details about the issue of those who have served their country and the matter of awards, a small minority are cynical about these things. For what it is worth, and as one who has witnessed veterans and civilians march past paying their respects on 11th November Remembrance Sunday, these things do matter. On many levels. To many people.

AAA Remembrance Sunday Cenotaph March Past - Mez Merrill

Many Thousands At The Cenotaph Remembrance Sunday (c) Mez Merrill

The whole issue of an award may appear of minor consequence to some folk, but to those who have had to put their lives on the line and seen things, that many would wish never to relive, it is little enough of a thing to consider a thank you to such decent folk.

It matters. The subscribers to this website have no doubt.

Anyone who has witnessed the Cenotaph march past on Remembrance Sunday knows how important these commemorations are. So too is the evidence of what people have been through. This petition is an effort to seek recognition at a meaningful occasion of HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th year, for those who have served in harm’s way.

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