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9th February 2015: Excellent news from 10 Downing Street in the form of a letter received and reproduced below. The Honours and Appointments Secretariat have advised that there will be a dedicated medal struck for those who have served in West Africa with undoubted courage in helping people who have contracted the Ebola Virus.

It is refreshing that someone somewhere has had a similar thought to ourselves – and many others – that these brave doctors, nurses and volunteers should be recognised for their selfless acts of humanity and kindness, whilst exposing themselves to a very real lethal risk.

Since commencing this effort to have what is a different proposed award: The Queen Elizabeth Medal  for ALL those people who have served in harm’s way, we are delighted beyond words to hear this week that there is to be a specific medal created for the medics and volunteers that have served in harm’s way at West Africa.

Now all we ask is that a second medal be struck – the proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal for ALL those who have served in harm’s way. An award to cover the emergency services, such as Firefighters, Emergency Paramedics, Ambulance Crew, Emergency Rescue Helicopter Crew, Police, RNLI, Mountain Rescue. Plus the Army, Navy, Air Force, Royal Marines, Royal Fleet Auxiliary.

The effort you read here started in November 2014 with about 7 letters a week being written to the various organisations. Then this website was started on 11th January 2015.

Advice received back from these leters indicate that it is important to demonstrate public support for a new, proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal. With the West Africa Emergency Service Medal now a definite result, we would politely ask anyone who has reached this website to consider signing the petition so that ALL remaining emergency service workers that also place their lives in harms way can be officially recognised and thanked.

Please consider helping to complete the job:-

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QEM Cabinet Office Half Way There QE90

 Letter From The Honours and Appointments Secretariat

Halfway There. West Africa Emergency Service Medics & Volunteers WILL Have A Dedicated Medal From HM Queen Elizabeth.

All we ask is for the rest of the country’s emergency workers who also place their lives in harm’s way for others to be similarly recognised. So if you are in agreement, please consider signing the petition. Thank you.

Proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal – Petition Access – Click Here



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