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(Continued…) As a disabled person being helped voluntarily by a friend I was left disappointed. Why? That friend, also a serving fire-fighter was not, himself to receive an award of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal. Whilst the two issues are not related, it did, indeed does continue to appear unfair. A genuinely decent person who helps vulnerable people in his own time, whilst rescuing people, often from dangerous situations in his professional time seemed left without thanks. With regard to a fire-fighter Diamond Jubilee Medal, the authorities had “run out” of these medals. It may appear strained logic to conflate acts of human decency with seemingly unrelated medal awards, but if you have read the previous pages of this website, hopefully you will understand the spirit of this effort that has evolved into a petition that may help remedy many instances where decent, couragous people otherwise go without thanks.

The timing of this petition has been catalysed in part to commemorate the milestone of HM Queen Elizabeth’s 90th year. In part to acknowledge the good in people. Especially those who have SERVED IN HARM’S WAY. Not for one minute is it harmful to visit a disabled person. But there is a significant moral issue that many good people who happen to serve and also go that extra mile in their communities to help others with random acts of human kindness are recognised in one form or another for such efforts. Whether directly for the endeavour, or indirectly, as happens in this case, when a subset of those people who have a strong sense of humanity also serve in harm’s way, can and should then be recognised..

One of the issues which caused heightened concern about the 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal was a single petition that attracted 31,331 signatures. When studying some of the numerous petitions, it became clear that eligibility in 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal had unfortunate issues in the way the medal was awarded.

How to remedy this? As mentioned, rather than look back the way at the Diamond Jubilee Medal, it is probably far better to look forward and seek a new medal at an appropriate time, and manage the eligibility criteria to ensure sufficient medals are available so no one is left out through insufficient numbers being created.

History may also help by showing a remedy to the eligibility side of this two pronged dilemma. In 2007 my father died and I was given his World War 2 medals to take care of…

 World War 2 Medals William McLean

World War 2 Medals

These medals brought about a curiosity in the matter of eligibility for such awards. With my friend – and thousands of other emergency service personnel, plus volunteer and armed service folk being left without a 2012 Diamond Jubilee Medal due to circumstances that appear unfair and required a remedy. Hence the suggestion of a new award medal: The proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal.

So what does history reveal about eligibility? Well the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal of 2012 required 5 years service.

Conversely, the World War 2 medals above revealed an interesting, indeed an amazing fact. The middle medal above for World War 2 – called the France & Germany Star – required just ONE day’s service in the theatre of war for eligibility [180 days for general award]. To the left of the France & Germany Star shown above, is the Burma Star. That was awarded under the ONE day rule without caveat.

France & Germany Star QE90 Website

The France & Germany Star (c) Emil Bogacki

Click Here For Background To The France & Germany Star

When you think about this, the one day rule makes a great deal of sense. As the years go by since WW2, there are fewer and fewer veterans who, when they can bring themselves to recall painful memories, are able to give an insight to what actually occurred in life threatening situations.

One of the example seared, even now, into public consciousness are the Normandy Landings. The nearest current day folk can come to an appreciation of this may seem trite, but it is a very graphic piece of fiction in the form of the Steven Spielberg film Saving Private Ryan. The D-Day beach landing are very disturbing, and this is just a reconstruction of the horrors of that day.


After that, the ONE day eligibility rule is understandable.

 Even in modern times, eligibility criteria are interesting in variance.

For example: The Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan

Afghanistan Operational Service Medal PO Terry Seward

Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan (c) PO Terry Seward

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To qualify for award of the Operational Service Medal for Afghanistan, personnel must have served in Afghanistan for either 5, 21 or 30 days continuous service between various dates depending on the operation, from 11 September 2001 to 1 August 2002

There is an interesting government notice on various aspects for many medals and awards…

Click Here For Official Eligibility Research Information



Proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal

Eligibility: Proscribed Period

For the purposes of the proposed new Queen Elizabeth Medal, the petitioner would respectfully suggest that if a person serves or has served in harm’s way for a period of 90 days, then eligibility is automatic. The 90 days being in observance and homage to the 90 year commemoration of HM Queen Elizabeth II that catalyses this award. In addition for certain exceptional circumstances as may be proscribed by statutory instrument or legislation, the award of a proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal may be made for circumstances where service takes place within periods of service less than the 90 day norm.



Proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal

Eligibility: Allocation

The other issue that recently caused discomfort amongst, for example tens of thousands of signatories to other petitions is “running out” of the earlier Diamond Jubilee Medal for failure to award an otherwise eligible recipient.

The following document was found neatly in a box from my late father’s WW2 medal issue:-

AAA WW2 Cert Reverse QE90 Website

WW2 Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals Certification: Reverse Side


AAA WW2 Cert Obverse QE90 Website

WW2 Campaign Stars, Clasps and Medals Certification: Obverse Side

In an endeavour to ensure that lack of medals, especially in times of austerity is NO reason for failure to honour the proper issue of an award, the subscribers of this website suggest the following:-

Upon the relevant government department issuing a similar authorised medal requisition document above, there are then three methods in which the award of a proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal can be fulfilled and the physical medal received:-

1] Via normal channels: the issue by HM Government of a tranche of Queen Elizabeth Medals distributed through the tried and tested protocols of issue.

2] If “1” above reaches the limit of medals struck and available – for example 450,000 as in the Diamond Jubilee Medal production limit, resulting in personnel left without a medal, then with the appropriate Certificate of Entitlement similar to that above WW2 Certification, a properly established registered charity arrange for the funding of an HM Government additional tranche of official Queen Elizabeth Medals to be made available. If necessary the subscribers to this website have experience, in the past of establishing two registered charities. The most recent charity having as trustees, a captain, a solicitor, a chief executive officer and a master mariner. Should such an Auxiliary Medal Supply Award Charity require to be registered and funded, the subscribers of this website are willing to commit the time and resources to this endeavour.

3] The official HM Government medal production company be authorised, upon receipt of a modern day, officially issued Certificate of Entitlement to a Queen Elizabeth Medal supply the entitled recipient with their medal upon payment, by the recipient, of a nominal fee. It is likely that this fee would be reimbursed by a friend or relative.

This triplicate lock should ensure that no person who has been entitled to a medal is left in the invidious position of not receiving the award.


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