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90th Year Commemorative “Queen Elizabeth Medal”

To be established for those who have:


On 21st April 2016, the Queen celebrated her 90th birthday. From early 2015, in advance of this date, this website proposed a petition for a medal to be struck, similar to the Coronation Medal & Diamond Jubilee Medals, but this occasion being to mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th year.

The purpose of the proposed Queen Elizabeth Medal is twofold. To commemorate a milestone in the Queen’s life, and also to honour those that have placed their lives in harm’s way for others.

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Update 2017

During 2015 following inception of this website we received a respectful reply to communications made in regard to our submission for a medal to be awarded to those who have “Served In Harm’s Way”. Correspondence from the Cabinet Office suggested that a new award was being struck, and this has duly come about…

QE90 Continued

Medal For Services In West Africa (here) Ebola Epidemic

On 21st April 2017, the Queen celebrated her 91st birthday and we had considered closing this petition.

However, as a result of the most recent award pictured above and numerous emails and replies, we have been encouraged to continue with this petition for a dedicated medal to recognise those in the emergency services who have served in harm’s way.

It has been pointed out that these matters do not proceed quickly, nor without a great deal of thought and consultation.

So it may well be that if sufficient signatures are gathered, then we may see a Parliamentary Debate on the merits of recognition for those who have served in harm’s way. The issue of the West Africa Medal For Service To The Ebola Epidemic is evidence that these processes do work and there is, indeed a reasonable chance that efforts in the direction to consider those serving closer to home has merit.

Therefore we would encourage all readers to consider signing the petition for a new award…

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